R21,8 billion

from continuing operations,
increased by 2%
(FY2017: R21,4 billion)

R2 billion

Cash, net of debt,
increased by 11%
(30 June 2017: R1,8 billion)

112 cents

Diluted continuing HEPS,
increased by 56%
(FY2017: 72 cents)

50 cents

Gross annual dividend
increased by 11% to 50 cents per
ordinary share (FY2017: 45 cents)

R267 million

Attributable earnings increased
by 456%
(FY2017: R48 million)

R30,1 billion

Order book for continuing
operations increased by 12%
(30 June 2017: R26,9 billion)

Good results were reported by the Underground Mining platform, the largest contributor to Group earnings in the year. Strong platform order book of R22,1 billion (30 June 2017: R17,5 billion)

The Oil & Gas platform maintained earnings and secured significant projects in complementary markets in Australia and Mongolia, thereby increasing its order book to R6,4 billion (30 June 2017: R5,2 billion)

Robust balance sheet and strong net cash position

Lost time injury frequency rate (“LTIFR”) deteriorated to 0.86 (FY2017: 0.52). Regrettably, one fatal incident occurred

Independent Board’s view of fair price range for control of Murray & Roberts is between R20.00 to R22.00 per ordinary share