Group structure

The Board leads the Group in striving to achieve the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and corporate governance, in the pursuit of our strategic and business objectives.

A well-constituted and effective governance structure is in place, which ensures effective strategic direction and oversight of the business platforms. At Board level we continue to focus on succession planning to maintain the requisite balance of skills and experience to support the Group’s strategy, and to ensure that the Group’s business is conducted with prudence, transparency, integrity and accountability.


The Group Sustainability Framework sets out our aspiration to operate in an ethical and sustainable way.


The effective management of health and safety is central to our strategy. We aim to achieve Zero Harm to our employees and service providers, and the communities where we operate. We work towards continuous health and safety improvement by better understanding our exposure risk, benchmarking ourselves against clients and peers, and by implementing lessons from incidents and audits. The Group HSE Framework, depicted below, articulates our health and safety commitment.

  Safety, health and wellness report

  Sustainability report