Revenue from continuing operations increased by 11% to

R10,8 billion

(FY2019 H1: R9,7 billion*)

Earnings before interest and tax for continuing operations increased by 15% to

R419 million

(FY2019 H1: R365 million*)

Diluted continuing headline earnings per share decreased by 4% to

49 cents

(FY2019 H1: 51 cents*)

* Restated for discontinued operations.



Over the past few years, a stable foundation was established through the implementation of the Group’s New Strategic Future plan and the Group is starting to gain momentum as evidenced by the significant growth in its order book.

The strong order book is expected to support growth as from FY2021 as the Oil & Gas platform has now secured a base load of work for the new financial year, which should enable it to again become a meaningful contributor towards Group earnings in the medium term. The Underground Mining platform is expected in the short term, to at least maintain earnings at current levels.