Frameworks for value creation


The Board leads the Group in striving to achieve the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and corporate governance, in the pursuit of our strategic and business objectives. A well-constituted and effective governance structure is in place, which ensures effective strategic direction and oversight in respect of the business platforms.

Proactive succession planning over the last three years has allowed the Board to systematically align its competencies to the strategy, delivering a mix of local, international and market sector experience and the relevant professional acumen to take the Group into the future.

The redefined role of the smaller corporate office is to provide strategic direction and ensure strong leadership at platform level with robust succession plans. Risk is managed by the platforms within the Group’s defined risk tolerance framework, and aligned to specified contracting principles, with oversight from the corporate office.


Our Group Sustainability Framework sets out our aspiration to operate in an ethical and sustainable way by:

  • Considering the views and concerns of our stakeholders in our strategic and operational decision-making;
  • Understanding and mitigating our risks in relation to our opportunities;
  • Applying best practice corporate governance beyond minimum requirements;
  • Operating world-class businesses able to create and sustain value for shareholders, clients, employees, partners and suppliers, as well as the countries and communities in which we operate; and
  • Managing all our impacts according to the principle of Zero Harm.