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Approach to maintaining our
social legitimacy

Legitimacy at national and community levels is critical, not only in managing the impact of local dynamics on project delivery but also on the Group’s credibility as an ethical and responsible multinational organisation.

In addition to driving diversity and inclusion in our workforce and at Board level, the Group diversity policy commits each business in the Group to supporting programmes that address socioeconomic challenges in their host countries and communities.

Responding to local requirements

Our local partnerships contribute to the socioeconomic development of our host communities. Continual engagement with members of these communities is critical – enabling us to understand local norms and practices and ensure that our initiatives respond appropriately to a community’s needs and expectations.

In South Africa, the social & ethics committee is responsible for overseeing our BBBEE progress against the amended Construction Sector Code.

Respond effectively to local requirement


Corporate social responsibility

Stringent governance measures are in place to ensure that our investments and donations align to our Values, brand and community development strategies and genuinely benefit disadvantaged communities. At Group level, the corporate social responsibility committee ensures that community initiatives are appropriate and well governed. The committee also oversees the corporate social investment (“CSI”) initiatives undertaken at project level throughout the Group.

In Australia, a semi-independent board oversees the Clough Foundation.

Meaningful community support