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Develop leadership
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Employees in Indonesia, participating in RUC Cementation’s Leadership Development Programme.
Employees in Indonesia, participating in
RUC Cementation’s Leadership Development

Our training spend of R105 million developed 4 765 employees, meaning that nearly half of our employees attended a training intervention in FY2019, despite continued economic pressures. In South Africa 91% of the training spend was on black individuals and 27% on women. As a project delivery organisation a careful balance must be maintained between investing in developing our technical expertise to deliver on projects and leadership capability to keep the Group dynamic and profitable and our employees engaged. Our clients recognise our extensive skills development and coaching interventions as setting the benchmark in technical training and development.


At the annual Group leadership and succession review in November 2018, each business presented their top 10 high-potential individuals under the age of 45. These employees are undergoing psychometric assessments, following which they will meet a review panel which includes the Group chief executive and platform CEOs. Appropriate development plans will be developed for each employee and they will gain broader business exposure to fast-track their careers.

In South Africa, the corporate office provided two leadership programmes targeting middle and senior managers in Murray & Roberts Cementation and Power & Water. The programmes enabled participants to review their leadership style and its impact on the Group’s climate and culture. Members of the executive committee also participated and interacted with the participants.


Underground Mining
  • Cementation Americas implemented a new management training programme, which provides learning and networking opportunities for high-potential employees or successors in supervisory, management and executive positions. This will support the business’ aim to shift towards a learning culture that drives continuous improvement. Going forward, interventions will be provided to help employees acquire and transfer knowledge and develop the skills to positively impact productivity and safety performance.
  • RUC Cementation’s Leadership Development programme covers organisational change, performance management, coaching and communication.
  • The Murray & Roberts Training Academy offers ‘Licence to Supervise’ programmes for first-time supervisors, equipping them with the fundamental skills to lead teams. The programmes also help build good employee relations in the mining industry
Oil & Gas
  • Clough’s Construction Management Academy and Project Management Academy develop the skills of employees with leadership potential. The academies apply transparent selection criteria and prepare employees for new roles.
  • Established this year, the Young Professionals Group supports the career development of talented employees with less than 10 years’ work experience.
  • Mental health training assists leaders manage stress and Lunch & Learn sessions deal with a variety of management topics.
Power & Water
  • Implemented a mentorship programme for talented black employees, with specific plans to develop them for leadership positions.


Technical training remains the backbone of the Group and where most of our training spend takes place.

In South Africa, we provide learnerships and apprenticeships in various trades, providing entry-level technical skills training. Specialist technical training at undergraduate and post graduate levels is offered as well as short courses to keep skills up to date. Project management training is encouraged and in some roles is compulsory.

The Murray & Roberts Training Academy

The Murray & Roberts Training Academy at Bentley Park launched a six-month learnership certificate programme in occupational HSE, accredited by the Mining Qualifications Authority. A total of 85 unemployed youth from local communities successfully completed the programme at a cost of R50 000 per individual. Of the participants, nearly 50% are women and just over 50% were absorbed into the business post completion. A further 176 are registered for FY2020.

The academy also started its first mechanised apprenticeship programme, which will run over three years at a cost of R170 000 per individual.


Underground Mining
  • Operates two world-class training facilities, one in South Africa and a recent addition in Mongolia. Both facilities are recognised for their significant contribution to skills development in their respective regions. The platform also uses technology in the form of virtual reality to deliver effective training.
  • RUC Cementation provided training on working at heights, rigging and operating a forklift. A first aid programme was also rolled out as part of a safety initiative.
  • Cementation Americas delivers a range of technical training, including Solidworks Essentials – an internal engineering and design programme – and Bluebeam software training for engineers, designers and document administration employees, as well as project planning sessions.
Oil & Gas
  • Clough partners with the Australian Institute of Management to provide employees with access to over 150 online learning programmes. It also provides various skills development courses.
  • The structured three-year Graduate Programme provides a challenging, interesting and rewarding career start, developing core competencies through workplace experience and training.
  • The Internship Programme offers students in their penultimate year of study an opportunity to gain practical experience in their field and prepare them for employment.
Power & Water
  • Invested R22,4 million in training, of which 96% was allocated to technical training. A total of 2 534 and 1 795 employees respectively received training on working at heights and in a confined space. A further 1 176 employees attended training on basic rigging, welding, boiler making and operating equipment.
  • The platform continued to invest in upskilling the communities situated near its power projects, with 65 apprentices trained at Kusile and 113 apprentices and 101 trainees trained at Medupi.