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Leadership, citizenship
and stewardship

The Group’s philosophy of Engineered Excellence underpins its growth, competitiveness, resilience and reputation as a well-governed, values-driven and ethical multinational organisation. Ethical leadership, corporate citizenship and sustainability stewardship are consolidated in this philosophy. It informs all activities at all levels – including how the board and its committees discharge their fiduciary responsibilities – and is achieved through continual improvement of the standards, systems, practices and reporting that bring it to life within the Group.

The social & ethics committee’s broad statutory mandate is encapsulated by its primary responsibility to guide, oversee and monitor the Group’s commitment to Zero Harm from our business activities, by formulating collaborative and effective responses to sustainability challenges. The committee comprises four independent nonexecutive board directors and four executive directors. This ensures that the considerations attendant to ethical leadership, corporate citizenship and sustainability stewardship inform board and management thinking and decisionmaking. It also ensures that these considerations are intrinsic to the daily business conduct of all the Group’s operations.

The committee assesses and monitors social and ethics performance through well-established reporting lines and against relevant frameworks and indicators. It also references the United Nations Global Compact Principles, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the International Labour Organisation protocols to ensure effective implementation of policy at group and platform levels. As part of this responsibility, the committee ensures the integrity of the Group’s sustainability report which met the core level requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”), and which the board approved on the 26 August 2019.

Ntombi Langa-Royds

Social & ethics committee chairman