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Our material issues

We define material issues as those issues that substantively affect our ability to sustain our strategic, operational and financial performance, and those that are most likely to affect our stakeholders’ assessments of the Group’s ability to create value over time. The materiality determination process considered the top issues that the Board and management dealt with during the year, the strategic plans of the Group and business platforms, the Group’s register of strategic risks, and issues raised through engagement with analysts and investors, business associations, non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) and other civil society structures, as well as those reported on in the media. These issues were workshopped into four themes and related material issues for the Group and each business platform, and were reviewed and approved by Group executive leadership. The material issues provided the basis for preparing the Group’s reports to support focused and connected reporting.

The diagram below sets out the areas where the sustainability report provides a more in-depth review on the material issues.

The boundary for each issue discussed in the sustainability report applies to all of the Group’s operations with the exception of BBBEE which applies to our South African businesses only.