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Responding to our

As a multinational Group our Purpose connects us to a variety of clients, organisations, individuals and communities around the world. Our credibility and success depend on reliable and transparent communication with these stakeholders.

Our Values guide our stakeholder engagement framework, which management proactively implements and follows to support strong relationships with our clients, employees and other stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement is ongoing and takes place at corporate office and business operational levels.

During the year, a number of surveys were held across the Group, including a safety culture survey at a sample of projects, an employee engagement survey in all businesses and a diversity survey in Cementation Americas. The results of these surveys are discussed throughout the report.

Survey results

Our stakeholders include groups or individuals who:

  • Are in contact with or impacted by our operations.
  • Have an interest in what we do or the ability to influence our activities.
  • Are dependent on the Murray & Roberts Group.

Group stakeholder engagement policy

Our Group stakeholder engagement policy requires that we:

  • Comply with King IV™’s recommended practices pertaining to stakeholder relationships.
  • Integrate stakeholder engagement into the Group’s ongoing management and business activities.
  • Measure and manage the gap between stakeholder perceptions and Group performance.
  • Ensure the fair and equitable treatment of stakeholders in line with the Group’s Values.
  • Create a transparent and honest environment in which stakeholders can interact with the Group.
  • Provide complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information while at the same time being cognisant of legal and strategic considerations.
  • Proactively communicate with stakeholders and seek their views and feedback using appropriate communication channels.
  • Promote internal awareness on the importance and value of stakeholder consultation and relationship management, as well as the methodologies in place to facilitate this.
  • Find ways to improve stakeholder engagement procedures and performance.


Our ownership, management and funding of the Murray & Roberts Running Club – announced in 2018 – enables us to support the continued excellence achieved by the club’s athletes and contribute to the development of running in South Africa, aligning to our philosophy of Engineered Excellence.

The club is home to about 130 athletes and members with more than 40 elite athletes including 2016 Comrades champion, Charne Bosman, Olympians, Rene and Christine Kalmer, 2018 Cape Town Marathon champion, Nolene Conrad, and three-time Comrades gold medallist, Rufus Photo.

The Vorentoe Athletics Development Team forms part of the running club’s development squad, and has produced multiple champions over the last few years. Our ownership of the school team enables us to give effect to our corporate citizenship ambitions, not just at the school but also for South Africa and eventually on the roads and athletic tracks across the world.

In January 2019, the athletes from the Murray & Roberts Running Club achieved more than a dozen top three spots, making it the best ever club debut in South African road and track running.

Our key stakeholder groups

As a multinational organisation our stakeholders include employees, clients, organisations, individuals and communities around the world. We value open, transparent and engaged communication with our stakeholders to deeper understand their concerns and expectations. In considering the identified concerns of our broad stakeholder group, only the primary concerns are listed in the table below.

Cost of services and products supplied by Murray & Roberts or our suppliers.  
Quality of work and products delivered to clients within agreed timeframes.
Health and safety of all individuals impacted by Murray & Roberts projects.
Transformation and BBBEE in South Africa.
Murray & Roberts' capacity and capability to deliver work.
Financial performance (cash flow, balance sheet strength, income statement and dividends).    
Pipeline of work opportunities (order book).  
Quality of Group leadership and organisational and operational strategy.    
Proactive identification and management of risk.    
Corporate governance and ethical business conduct to maximise shareholder value on a sustainable basis while ensuring fairness to all stakeholders.      
Salaries, benefits and other payments to employees.      
Enhancing and maintaining the Murray & Roberts brand and reputation.  
Training and development and career advancement.    
Compliance with laws, regulations and industry standards.
Investing in socioeconomic development in areas where Murray & Roberts operates.  
Human and labour rights matters.