Purpose-led value creation

Murray & Roberts enables and optimises fixed capital formation that corporations, governments and institutions commit to the advancement of sustainable human development.

The Group’s purpose-led business model connects our capabilities to the investment our clients make in infrastructure that advances sustainable human development. Through the critical infrastructure we design, construct, maintain and operate, we empower global communities.

The Group’s Purpose makes sustainable human development central to our governance approach, our competitiveness as a contractor and employer of choice, and our commitments as an ethical corporate citizen. As the Group moves to realise greater opportunities for growth, profitability and value creation, our strategic choices will continue to be framed by our Purpose, inspired by our Vision and guided by our Values.

Our market focus includes sectors that conscious capital investment will favour as the world seeks to sustainably meet the needs of a growing and urbanising global population, and address severe socioeconomic and ecological imbalances.

Our commitment to safe outcomes in everything we do, grounds our aspiration to make Zero Harm a reality. Our safety record, our standing as a desirable employer and our care for community wellbeing, are hallmarks of the Group.

Our business platforms are expected to align with Group culture, which is guided by our Values and operationalised by our philosophy of Engineered Excellence. This alignment underpins our expectations for sustainable earnings growth, and industry-leading ESG performance in the years ahead.

We design and deliver projects across the engineering and construction value chain that are financially viable, with better outcomes for clients and lasting socioeconomic and environmental value for local communities and host countries; in return for maximum value recognition for the Group.

The Group overview in its entirety provides further insight on the Group's business model, the inputs we require to create value for our stakeholders and the outcomes we expect


Sustainability thinking is integrated in the way we deliver our projects and conduct our business, and we operate under high expectations and stringent ESG guidelines.

Sustainability is central to our commitment to protect and deepen our reputation as a profitable, well-governed, ethical and responsible multinational organisation. Harmonising ESG imperatives with commercial opportunities is seen by the Board as an ethical obligation for the Group. It is also a requirement on which clients and funders insist and an important source of competitive differentiation for our business platforms.

ESG is integrated into our decision-making processes as we strive to understand, measure and manage the full impact of each decision we make. The Group’s sustainability framework (depicted below) governs and focuses our approach to managing the pertinent risks and opportunities, impacts and outcomes related to ESG imperatives. Continual improvement of the Group’s standards, systems, practices and reporting in response to shifts in our operating context and the needs and expectations of our stakeholders embeds sustainable practices across our business platforms. Shared learning within and across our businesses supports consistency.

Aligning with escalating stakeholder expectations on ESG, we revised our Group Sustainability Framework. The Framework provides the overarching approach to managing ESG across jurisdictions in which we operate, and commits us to:

Creating sustainable value for shareholders, clients, employees, partners and suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.

Group Sustainability Framework

Understanding and mitigating our operational risks and taking advantage of opportunities for differentiation.


Maintaining a Zero Harm mindset to managing our impacts on the environment, our workforce, communities and other stakeholders.


Continuing to apply global best practice in corporate governance.


Engaging with our stakeholders and taking their views and concerns into consideration when making strategic and operational decisions.

The commercial and ESG outcomes we expect are built into our performance management and development processes, which are linked to our remuneration and incentive schemes. Performance contracts align individual and team performance targets to the Group’s strategic objectives, across five performance dimensions (see below). These are cascaded from the performance criteria set by the Board for the Group chief executive officer to platform leadership, middle and line management levels at the beginning of each financial year.

  • Satisfied shareholders through value creation.
  • Achievement of business objectives.
  • Murray & Roberts brand respected internationally.
  • Recognised as a diverse, high-performing organisation.
  • Renowned for leadership development and capacity.
  • Stakeholder partnerships leveraged for growth.
  • Internal and external trusting and open relationships.
  • Recognised as an employer of choice.
  • Global capabilities harnessed to deliver successful project outcomes.
  • Effective systems and controls to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Sustainability and governance emulated by industry.
  • Recognised for outstanding HSE results.
  • Effective risk management.

CEN-ESG, based in the United Kingdom, assessed the Group’s ESG performance and disclosure, providing a baseline for further improvement. The Group achieved an ESG disclosure score of 31.5, comparing favourably with the average of 30.2 for the industrials sector. For context, best-in-class FTSE100 companies scored an average of 57.4 points during the same period. Selected peers and clients achieved an average score of 38.7 points. From this baseline, the Group will continue to align our practices, performance measures and reporting to relevant international accountability frameworks, to benefit both our commercial and ESG aspirations.


Trust is created by organisational behaviours valued by stakeholders and is based on confidence in both character and competence. Our reputation as a credible global operator and respected multinational rests on the value we create for our employees, clients and owners, and for local companies, host communities and countries in which we work.

Our Group stakeholder engagement policy ensures that the legitimate expectations and concerns of our stakeholders are placed at the centre of our strategy formulation and execution. It outlines our engagement responsibilities and applies to all our businesses and employees.

The policy requires that we:

  • Comply with King IV recommended practices pertaining to stakeholder relationships.
  • Integrate stakeholder engagement into the Group’s ongoing management and business activities.
  • Ensure the fair and equitable treatment of stakeholders in line with the Group’s Values.
  • Create a transparent and honest environment in which stakeholders can interact with the Group.
  • Provide complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information while at the same time being cognisant of legal and strategic considerations.
  • Proactively communicate with stakeholders and seek their views and feedback using appropriate communication channels.
  • Promote internal awareness on the importance and value of stakeholder consultation and relationship management, as well as the methodologies in place to facilitate this.